Ilkley Arts 'Light' Exhibition.

Ilkley Arts are opening an exhibition based on the theme of ‘Light’. The exhibition will be in the Solar Gallery at the Manor House in the centre of the town and starts on Saturday 20th July.

These are the three prints I’m hoping to show. From the left, a view of the Marine Lake on the Dee Estuary at West Kirby, Ullswater, and Crosby Beach on Liverpool Bay.



I’ve just completed a 10 colour/hue reduction linoprint of this character. Called a ‘Dipper’, I saw him on the R. Wharfe at the point where the beck that runs down from Hebden joins the main river - near the foot suspension bridge. I’d never seen one before and managed to capture a rather ‘fuzzy’ shot on my phone. He’s been tidied up and made a little more presentable for his debut!

Measuring 19 x 26cms, he’s been printed in Lawrence oil based relief inks in 10 reductions on Bristol Board. He can be found in the my website’s ‘Sea & River Birds’ folder.



I’ve just received my copy of ‘Wings Over Water’, the latest beautifully produced compilation of printmakers’ work by Alan Marshall. I’m honoured to have examples of my work included along with such illustrious artists as Carry Ackroyd, Hester Cox, Robert Gillmor, Nick Wonham and many more. Differing from previous compilations such as ‘The Printmaker’s Cat’ and ‘The Elegant Fowl’, ‘Wings Over Water’ is structured around over 60 specific species of birds and Printmakers’ individual responses to them.

Produced by Mascot Media ( this compilation represents the work of some of the very best contemporary printmakers working in the UK today and would be of interest to printmakers and ‘birders’ alike!


A New Print


I’ve just completed a new print based on our trip up the Norwegian coast to the Arctic Circle in February last year. Not having done this trip, or visited Norway before, we were surprised (and, at times, alarmed) by how close to the shore our 15000 ton ship would sail! Along the shoreline it would appear that any land inclined at less than 45 degrees was cultivated. The print is based on a field just north of Bergen that crossed the snow line. Previous preparatory harrowing of the land had left a regular and irregular pattern of snow and tractor marks which fascinated me. During the trip our ship was constantly escorted by Arctic Terns so I chose to include a flight of four!

Having included 13 reductions on my last print I was determined to make this simpler so kept it to just 6, although I did use 10 different colour hues! Measuring 30 x 40cms. it is printed in T.N. Lawrence oil based inks on Bristol Board in a limited edition of 10.



THE NEW SOLAR GALLERY - The Manor House, Ilkley.

A new gallery is opening in Ilkley. Called ‘The Solar Gallery’ , it is based on the first floor of Ilkley Manor House. A fascinating and beautiful structure built in the 17th century on the site of a Roman fort, it’s running was taken over recently by a trust and is now rapidly becoming a focus of the lively and highly talented cultural/visual arts scene in Ilkley. As part of this development the house’s solar has been turned into a gallery space.The first exhibition , which opens on March 30th. celebrates the two and three dimensional work of thirty members of the ‘ilkley Arts’ group and includes printmaking, painting, multi media work, ceramics and jewelry.For the moment the gallery is only open at the weekends from 10.00am. to 4.00pm. but the current exhibition will run until the 23rd of June.

I’m lucky enough part of the exhibition, showing my recent 13 colour reduction print of Eider Ducks.

If you’ve not visited the Manor House in recent years, do come along. I think you will be surprised and delighted by the work the trust has already undertaken and their plans for the future for this gem of a building!

The Manor House, Ilkley.

The Manor House, Ilkley.

The Ilkley Arts Exhibition Opening Party.

The Ilkley Arts Exhibition Opening Party.

My entry for the exhibition.

My entry for the exhibition.

A New Print

I’ve finally finished my new print ‘Eider Ducks’. Based on personal observations and photos near the Farne Islands, it measures 30 x 40cms. and is printed on Bristol Board using T.N.Lawrence oil base relief inks. It’s a reduction linoprint using thirteen different hues/tones of colour.

I chose to bring the the female to the foreground for, although the male has a more dramatic plumage, I really wanted to emphasize the more subtle colouring of the female.

The print is for sale and details can be found on the Sea/River Bird folder on the ‘Birds’ page.

Many thanks again to Conrad Cookson who made the table top easel for me that has been a great help and to Keith Dickinson for his expert photographic help today!

Eider Ducks.

Eider Ducks.

Easel 'y' Done by Some!

This is my good friend and ex colleague Conrad Cookson who has made a bench top easel for me. An excellent artist/photographer in his own right (check out his website he is also a superb craftsman. The easel will allow me to stand, or sit with a straight back, to do my work - doing it ‘all hunched up’ has become increasingly painful over recent months.




In recent months I’ve had inquires regarding prints, two in particular, the editions of which have sold out. I have always had a bit of antipathy towards having Giglee prints made of my work. I get annoyed when I see such prints being passed off as ‘original’ limited edition pieces of artwork and sold at exorbitant prices to an unsuspecting public. I have also felt that there is an intrinsic quality to lino prints that cannot be truly captured by a mass printing process.

That being said, having been encouraged to explore this avenue by individuals keen to have particular images, and hearing about a printers (John Mason’s of Skipton) with the necessary expertise, I decided to give it a go. I’m really pleased with the results and have decided to put them on to the website. They will be in limited editions and will be clearly described for what they are, Giglee prints of reduction lino print originals.

The prints I’m trialing in this way are ‘Cycle Race - Leeds’ (Places - Miscellaneous) and ‘Swinsty Lodge’ (Buildings)

Cycle Race.jpg


My solo exhibition 'Capturing the Moment' opened with a preview on Friday evening at the Mill Bridge Gallery in Skipton. Lots of positive comments, a couple of sales and a lot of wine consumed! The exhibition runs until the 7th of July. Unfortunately, the gallery is currently only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Come along if you have the chance!



I shall be showing my work at the Leeds Print Fair on Saturday  9th June at Trinity Church in Boar Lane. If you're passing by, call in and say hello!



Through the auspices of CRAVEN ARTS I'm having a 'one man' exhibition at the MILL BRIDGE GALLERY in SKIPTON from the 8th of June to the 7th July 2018.

Called 'CAPTURING THE MOMENT' it will reflect the work I've been doing over the last few years - and my rather 'scatter gun' approach to subject matter!

 We're having a preview/ meet the artist session on the 8th June between 6 and 8pm and it would be really good to see you there. (bring a bottle!)

Mill Gallery Poster-2-Mike Smith-INTERNET.jpg


I've just completed this my latest print called 'Stonechats'. I used fourteen colours/hues over eleven reduction stages, masking areas of the print out with tissue paper shapes when necessary. The print details can be found in the 'Garden Birds' section ( I will be changing this title to 'Garden, Field and Moorland Birds' as soon as I can learn how to edit my website without it all disappearing!).

stonechats reduced.jpg


I've just completed a print based on our recent extraordinary trip up the coast of Norway. Called 'Squall - Norwegian Seascape', it's the first of a series I plan to do over the coming months.



I've just completed this my latest reduction lino print.  They are Australian Superb Fairy Wrens. Because of the range of colours, hues and tones involved it took twenty printing stages to complete over nearly three months. The print can be found in the Garden Birds section of this site.