The Curious Fledgling Crow.

For the last 6 months I have been plagued by displaced disc problems that have meant it’s been difficult to do any work. It has also meant that I have spent a lot of time lying flat or sitting very carefully! In the late spring I was sitting in the garden when, with an enormous commotion, this guy flew down/crash landed on the fence about six feet away. Clearly suffering from first flight shock, it slowly looked about and spied me. It was then clearly in a quandary, which was the greater threat to wing and limb, me or a second flight! With much parental encouragement it took courage and took wing.

This eight reduction print, in tones of Payne’s Grey (Lawrence oil based ink) is printed on Bristol board has taken about five months to do in very short bursts. and measures 19 x 25cms. in a limited edition of 12.

Unfortunately, my disc problems have masked a very much more serious medical issue, so I’m not sure about print productivity in the months ahead.