In recent months I’ve had inquires regarding prints, two in particular, the editions of which have sold out. I have always had a bit of antipathy towards having Giglee prints made of my work. I get annoyed when I see such prints being passed off as ‘original’ limited edition pieces of artwork and sold at exorbitant prices to an unsuspecting public. I have also felt that there is an intrinsic quality to lino prints that cannot be truly captured by a mass printing process.

That being said, having been encouraged to explore this avenue by individuals keen to have particular images, and hearing about a printers (John Mason’s of Skipton) with the necessary expertise, I decided to give it a go. I’m really pleased with the results and have decided to put them on to the website. They will be in limited editions and will be clearly described for what they are, Giglee prints of reduction lino print originals.

The prints I’m trialing in this way are ‘Cycle Race - Leeds’ (Places - Miscellaneous) and ‘Swinsty Lodge’ (Buildings)

Cycle Race.jpg